Brock Consulting

Empowering People - Impacting Lives


- Ease burden of clients by developing systems, creating tools, training and delivering solutions which accomplish a company’s or individual’s visions and goals

- Start explorative conversations that lead to discovery and result in measurable change

For Whom

-Business leadership teams (CEO, COO, Executives, Managers, Board Chairs)
-Department heads and staff teams
-Non-Profit Organization/Agencies
-Individuals desiring to elevate their individual level of professionalism
-Business leaders seeking project-based consulting service which can build to continued or longer termed service
-Business leader desiring long-term management consulting on a retainer basis.
-Individual or staff team desiring mid to long term (6 mos – 1 yr) professional development coaching
-Organization leaders desiring elevated operating system
-Organization leaders desiring to develop staff, create succession plans 

When you need challenges resolved such as…

-I​neffective or disorganized systems
-Staff uncertainty in job expectations or performance level (staff development)
-Lack of developed operating procedures
-Lack of program syllabus,​ curriculum, or evaluation methods
-Lack of short or long-term strategy to direct resources and plan for intentional future growth
-Ineffective or weak governance boards
-Need for interim executive manager or accessible executive consult on retainer
-Organization specific training
-Personal coaching for professional development and goal setting 

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Brock​ Consulting

Empowering People - Impacting Lives

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