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Extended Consulting -

 Supporting You Short or Long Term

‘Scope of Work’ is developed based upon agency-specific program goals and/or management needs. Consultant services can be retained on an extended monthly, quarterly, etc. basis and/or by project.

A monthly fee can retain Brock Consulting for 10 or more hours per month - dedicated to your company for identified consulting services 

Additional fee for special projects, event management and product development – which will be determined based upon projected consultant time. (With advanced approval, meals, lodging, transportation fees incurred by consultant to complete service will be responsibility of contracting business/agency. Consultant will submit receipts.)

Brock Consulting will meet with you to:

  • Review business operations and identify seasonal or project milestones
  • Assess and identify client-support needs, focusing on Executive task ‘time challengers’ that could better be implemented by consultant as executive professional (not secretarial tasks)
  • Review and provide guidance regarding staff operations
  • Determine services/projects to be delivered by Brock Consulting within the 10 hour (or more) scope.
  • Outline time frame for each service or project. 

How may we help you...

  Below are monthly consulting service examples from which the client may choose. 

  • Advise/coach Executive regarding agency management/planning decisions
  • Provide consultation for the management of programs, special projects and events
  • Facilitate evaluation of programs and provide recommendations for improvements based upon generated feedback and collected data
  • Review and edit grant proposals, high level communication pieces, print collateral, etc.
  • Represent the Executive – attend specific meetings/functions – provide summary notes
  • Organize and manage regular meetings (staff meetings, board meetings, etc.)

Term Based Services:

  • Design and conduct annual board retreat
  • Design board development protocols
  • Review and identify staff competencies required for success of the business/agency. Implement:
  • annual staff development retreat or training (department(s) or business)
  • professional development plan (individual)
  • formulate career advancement strategies (business)
  • Develop/implement new staff orientation program
  • Develop and conduct workshops, seminars and summits for groups, organizations and teams based upon subject matter needs and determined goals
  • Develop program curriculum based upon material, information and research provided by the client

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Staff and leadership development
  • Career mapping
  • Program development/management/evaluation
  • Training development
  • Board development
  • Curriculum development
  • Strategic planning 
  • Project/budget management
  • Multi-cultural engagement