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and Seminars

Leadership Development sessions are designed to meet the needs of staff teams or individuals seeking to elevate their professional development skills. Business etiquette, Supervision, Transferable Skills and other trainings are geared to assist attendees in gaining stand-out leadership skills. Professional development offerings address key areas which can help improve confidence for expansion of a company in the public market and introduces your business product or the individual in successful advancement to next level positions. 

The following segments can be presented in a variety of formats, i.e. as individual 60 to 90 minute workshops, in a weekly program forum, 4 - 10 week program segments or can be packaged and delivered in a 2 day retreat based upon agency need. 

Interview Fundamentals:

The key to making a great impression in an interview is careful preparation. Learn what employers look for, how to prepare and what sets you apart. Practicum: Learn four stages of the interview. Plus, practice strategies to implement before, during and as importantly, after the interview session.

Resume Development:

Build evidence of your value and excellence by highlighting achievements. Introduction: The ‘art’ of tracking Achievements, learn to utilize the PAR process to expound on each accomplishment, identify job description nuggets and develop a resume frame with a goal to ‘rise to the top’ of the heap.

Transferable Skills:

Participants learn skills they have developed over the years which can be "transferred" from one type of work to another. Explore five transferable skill categories, identify their strongest category and their top 10 transferable skills on which to capitalize.


Participants explore the role of the supervisor as leader, motivator, and team builder. Opportunities are provided to practice supervisory skills, and build a positive work environment. Personal credibility and character development are interwoven throughout this interactive module.

Business Etiquette:

Introduces/strengthens the foundation of personal/social and professional skills focusing on presentation of oneself. The soft skills experienced in the workshop are critical to the success of a staff leader desiring to strategically develop their professional career path. 

Career Mapping:

Career decisions and strategies are not one-time events but are steps in an ongoing and life-long career development process. Participants will develop a personally-defined career management strategy and plan utilizing 4 stages that make up the career development cycle. 

Networking Skills:

Attendees learn to promote themselves with strategic intention and purpose. Develop a path to advance in their professional career goals and personal life.

From Dreams to Action – Wake Up!:

This ‘visioning’ workshop experience leads attendees through personal exploration in a thought provoking session. Result – outline of an individualized road map which provides purposeful steps to set your dream(s) to action.

Executive Development Series

An Executive is responsible for establishing and implementing the mission, goals, and values of his/her agency/business within its city or community. 

Among many tasks, an Executive is responsible for growing the membership or client base, managing to a tight budget, improving the operating performance of the facility and achieving local fundraising objectives. The Executive Development Series titled “The Mission Possible Executive” explores key topic areas divided into individualized 60 – 90 minute workshop sessions which encompass … 

  • providing a base-line for the executive leaders to strive towards in each of the primary topic areas presented,
  • furnishing executives with benchmarks to strive towards personal achievement
  • presenting expectations to your professional staff team as a training aid toward succession planning.
  • informing how executives may acquire resources for continued advancement of themselves and their professional staff team

Current and ‘budding’ Executives - You Have Already ACCEPTED the Mission!

Staff Development:

Your Mission – Build and Manage the Team.

Participants will learn to a) make a priority of purposefully evaluating all current key staff, b) rebuild/develop team as necessary and create professional development plans for key leaders, c) create and implement a comprehensive staffing plan and individual development plans for direct reports, d) explore succession planning and e) establish an open dialogue of trust and support. 

Membership or Client Development:

Your Mission – Achieve Membership or Client Growth Goals.

Participants will explore how to develop and implement a plan to achieve critical membership or client objectives. Additionally attendees will learn strategies to grow the membership/client base utilizing industry best practices and finally to achieve targeted goals including:

 ____ % Growth New Members or Clients

____Member/Client Retention Rate

____Member/Client Satisfaction Survey score

Program or Project Development:

Your Mission – Create and Maintain Focus on Program Quality.

This session guides participants in strategies designed to encourage development of programs and activities that address the dynamics of the business or service area. Attendees will develop a plan to continually seek out opportunities to involve input/feedback from its service area and clients. Additionally, develop tools and strategies for evaluation of programs or services.

Fiscal Management: 

Your Mission - Prepare and Manage the Budget.

Participants will learn to determine their operating center’s current financial performance on all critical budget and revenue items. Attendees will develop and implement a short and longer-term plan of action to ensure that the operating plan is met with specific budget goals.

Financial Development:

Your Mission – Lead Local Fundraising Efforts.

Attendees will learn to be the champion and leader for the development of financial resources. Enhance your ability to communicate a development message to staff, volunteers, and stakeholders.

Volunteer Development:

Your Mission – Develop an Effective Volunteer Board.

Attendees will engage in a practicum to a) Quarterly, monitor the current board’s effectiveness and composition, b) actively recruit new board members as needed, and c) work with board members to maximize their involvement and contributions, d) assess current board and rebuild as necessary

Community Development:

Your Mission – Build a Strong Relationship with the Community.

This session guides attendees exploring skills/strategies to evaluate the scope and quality of the services the facility currently offers. The session will incorporate processes to evaluate community needs and competitive offerings as well as preparing a comprehensive action plan to meet these needs.

Facility Management:

Your Mission – Effectively Operate the Facility and All Program Activities.

Attendees will learn to manage the facility on a daily basis, ensure that regular activities and special programs run smoothly and establish appropriate management tracking methods to ensure that the facility performs effectively in all key areas.

Change Management:

Your Mission - Recognize improvement opportunities where change can be made.

Attendees will better understand organizing frameworks and how a particular change might impact your staff/clients, etc. The session will guide attendees to address individual and team issues that challenge these frameworks before and during the implementation of a change. Segments include …

  • Managing Complex Change
  • 6 Steps to Implementing Change
  • Organizing Framework
  • Anchoring Change